Friday, November 5, 2010

Catching up!

I'm still catching up on personal scraping so here is a book I created for Christmas 2008! Now I just need to print the photos to insert! That might take another year!

If you're looking for PRIZES, I mean, the Jolly Jumpstart Blog Hop, please click here after you enjoy my sneak peak at today!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's NOT in the oven today!

If you're looking for PRIZES, I mean, the Jolly Jumpstart Blog Hop, please click here after you enjoy my sneak peak at today!

I am working on "Adornments" this year instead of ornaments. I have a diverse set of clients all with different beliefs yet as the holidays approach the desire to take a memory and captivate it in a new way is universal. I love tea, I love transfers, I love to upcycle... the perfect beginning for what I am working on now...

here is a sneak peak!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to the Art-Full Horizons Jolly Jumpstart Blog Hop!

Check out all of the fabulous holiday-themed projects, gift ideas, and more from our wonderful Blog Hop Contributors from around the world!!
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  8. April Meeker
  9. Erin Bassett
  10. Jennifer Clark
  11. Jennifer Edwardson

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Today we are sharing Mykle Parker's mixed media artwork.

This is a gift I created using a recycled pizza box, beeswax, gold oil paint, glimmer mist, a stencil from Tattered Angels, beads, and copper wire. Check back to see what else i am creating this week! - mykle

So what are the prizes?!?

10 Holiday Card Kit from Hydrangea Hippo

Vintage Christmas Embellishment Assortment from Hydrangea Hippo

A Handmade Journal by Donna Salazar

A Musical Memories from Donna Salazar's paper collection

An assortment of Glittered Chipboard Embellishments and Alphabets from Desert Scrappers Retreats

Just follow the instructions above to find out how to enter for your chance to win!!

Happy Hopping!!

Art-Fully Yours,

Jennifer, Donna, and Laura

Laura Miller - Event Coordinator
Jennifer Priest - Marketing Director
Donna Salazar - Artistic Director

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am sooo frakken talented!

I burn everything with such grace and pizazz! Ohh la la, don't you just want to grab that glass of milk and dunk 'em? NOT!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some people perceive me as fearless... While others may think I am flaky (perhaps I am projecting my own fear with this one). The truth is I am scared to death of failing... To be specific, failing my own expectations of being a "good girl". That and the lack of finances has kept me in a frozen state as I transition from one career to another these past few years.

So I have decided to redefine my "good GURL!" As I worked in social work my health failed rapidly, my depression deepened, and my dude kept saying to me, "You can not take care of others until you take care of yourself." It has taken me years to understand this on so many levels.

Today I am start being good to ME. I will put myself first and understand that does not mean I am selfish, self centered, or "in it just for me". If anything it stregthens my resolve to create the world I want to live in, build a community that is safe and nurturing for all, and taking care of ME first is in order to do this!

Today I am working with a community of women where we take care of each other without catty high school bullshit!

Today I know in my heart that I am a "good GURL" even when I negotiate a contract, stand firm in my self worth, and guard the backs of others I work with.

Today and everyday I know I do NOT have to suffer or feel bad that my life is frakken GREAT!

Today is a great day!!!!!


An oldie but a fave. I worked as a writer in reality TV Prior to having Max. I had found this headless Godzilla stamp and kept it because... "someday I'll use it".
  • Concept, Text & Layout: I spoofed a movie poster and used Godzilla font that was free online.
  • Product: In this case I grabbed my ever faithful Basic Foil kit from Creative Imaginations and dipped my headless Godzilla stamp into the foil glue then stamped the green paper. After it dried I used green foil to accent. I did about three separate test to get the right feel
  • Photography: It is ALL about the producing the shot. I know the concept, the products I am using, and the overall feel I want to provoke for the final page in my head. I scout for location to locate proper natural light and dial in the correct aperture and speed to get the look I wanted for the page. I know my subject well so I gave my lovely assistant, Savannah Porcelli, these directions; "I am going to take the sucker out of his hand, he will melt down and that's when I need you to direct him toward his mark." In total it took about 25 seconds from start to finish to get the shot I wanted. The sucker was placed back the talents hand, he was cuddled and crooned to and life was back on track!


It's been a while... A long while but I am back! The last few years have been... challenging (that's a nice word for it) but I have crawled out of my hole and I AM READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!! So peeps! Let's get creative!